Commission Draw


Commission Draw: A Commission Draw is a guaranteed pay advance against expected future commissions. CBA offers a Guaranteed Commission Draw every month. That means regardless of your previous months commission status, you will receive a Commission Draw every single month.

Qualification for Commission Draw: There are (3) simple qualifications in order to receive your Guaranteed Commission Draw every month:

Qualification #1: You must have purchased a Lifetime Associate Membership.

Qualification #2: Your Lifetime Associate Membership must be paid in full.

Qualification #3: You must have mailed out at least 100 advertisements for the previous month.

What happens if I have no commission check coming the following pay period? You will still receive your Commission Draw every month as long as you are mailing-out your monthly advertisements. When you finally do receive a commission, the Commission Draw will be deducted at that time. So you could potentially have a negative balance for several pay periods, but when a Retail Commission and/or Matching Bonus is applied, the Commission Draws will be deducted.

Guaranteed Commission Draw Amount:

1. Junior Marketing Associates:

$100.00 per month for life!

2. Senior Marketing Associates:

$200.00 per month for life!

3. Executive Marketing Associates:

$400.00 per month for life!

When are Commission Draw checks mailed-out: Commission Draw checks are mailed-out monthly, between the 1st and 5th of each month.

Please Note: We understand that our Commission Draw is not a significant amount of money so an Associate always has the option to also request a Commission Advance if needed. Generally an Associate has to be with CBA for 12 months before they authorize a Commission Advance.

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