Custom Product Development


Custom Product Development: When you purchase a Lifetime Associate Membership, we are including one custom product that will be created specifically for you.

You have two different custom products to choose from:

1. Custom Energy Drink: Comes in one size, 8.4 ounces. One can is packed with B vitamins and 80 mg of caffeine to give you a nice energy boost. Choose between regular and sugar-free.

Initial Product Inventory: You receive 4 cases. 24 cans per case. 8.4 oz each

2. Custom Energy Shot: Comes in one size, 2 ounces and is sugar free with zero calories. One shot contains 150 mg of caffeine and is packed with all your essential B vitamins. Choose between these great flavors: Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime and Berry.

Initial Product Inventory: You receive 1 cases. 250 – 2 oz. bottles per case.

Customized Visual Development: You will be able to choose the following two elements for your custom energy product:
1. Colors: Choose the colors for your custom products!
2. Name: Choose the name of your own custom product!

High Quality Materials: Both products are custom made in high-gloss, full-color shrink sleeve that will make your product stand out. Not a sticker or cheap label.

No Product Reorder Requirements: There are no monthly reorder requirements in your CBA Associate Membership business or any reorder requirements of any kind at any time.

Warning: We strongly recommend that children, pregnant women, people sensitive to caffeine or any person with a heart condition not drink any energy drink or energy shot without first consulting a physician.

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