Junior Associate Membership


Custom Product Business: When you purchase a Junior Associate Membership, you are purchasing a home-based business opportunity and becoming an Independent Business Owner or IBO. You will then have your own custom product business working from home or anywhere you are. When you purchase a Lifetime Associate Membership, you also have perpetual ownership of your CBA custom product business and you have the right to transfer or bequeath ownership at any time in the future in accordance with the CBA Policies and Procedures.

Cost of a Junior Associate Membership:

Lifetime Associate Membership: $4,950.00

Annual Associate Membership: $950.00

The purchase price includes the following membership benefits which constitutes our home-based business opportunity:

1. Custom Marketing Associate.

2. Custom Product Development.

3. Personalized Support System.

4. Advertising Program.

5. Skeptics Program.

6. Financing Program.

7. Compensation Plan.

8. Commission Draw.

9. Professional Office.


1. Custom Marketing Associate: When you purchase a Junior Associate Membership, you are registered and authorized to represent and promote the CBA custom product line. The CBA custom product line is exclusively promoted and sold by our Custom Marketing Associates.


2. Custom Product Development: When you purchase a Lifetime Associate Membership, we are including one custom product that will be created specifically for you.


3. Personalized Support System: One of our most important benefits that we offer is our IBO support system. We don’t ever want one of our owners to feel like they are alone and not receiving the support that they are requesting or need. For this exact reason, CBA created a personalized support system.


4. MAP or Monthly Advertising Program: A very significant part of your Junior Associate Membership is our advertising program called MAP (Monthly Advertising Program). This is a very simple, yet effective way to advertise and promote your custom product business. Every month you will mail-out advertisements to 100 prospects. CBA will provide you with the Advertisements as well as the leads every month.


5. Skeptics Program: Our Skeptics Program is an important membership benefit that we offer. One of the major reasons someone decides not buy into a business opportunity is because they have some doubts. That is the bottom line. Most people will not join a particular home-based business because if they are skeptical. CBA has created a very simple and a very effective solution to address this issue. We have created what is called the CBA Skeptics Program.


6. Financing Program: CBA offers 0% In-house financing program to make it affordable for everyone to purchase our business opportunity. You will be able to offer our financing program to any of your future prospects for our business opportunity. No one is ever turned down for our financing in order to purchase our business opportunity.


7. Compensation Plan: As a Junior Marketing Associate, you have the right to participate in our national sales and marketing program and receive the following compensation:


8. Commission Draw: A Commission Draw is a guaranteed pay advance against expected future commissions. CBA offers a Guaranteed Commission Draw every month. That means regardless of your previous months commission status, you will receive a Commission Draw every single month.


9. Professional Office Program: CBA offers a professional office program to its Independent Business Owners. Enjoy the benefit of working out of your home as well as out of a professional office.

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