Personalized Support System


Personalized Support System: One of our most important benefits that we offer is our IBO support system. We don’t ever want one of our owners to feel like they are alone and not receiving the support that they are requesting or need. For this exact reason, CBA created a personalized support system.

Personal Support Guide: Every brand new Associate has an assigned Personal Support Guide. The Personal Support Guide you receive is determined by your sponsor. Whoever the Personal Support Guide is for your sponsor, he or she will also be your Personal Support Guide as well. Your Personal Support Guide will help you step-by-step if needed and will be responsible for helping you with any questions or concerns at any point in time. Your Personal Support Guide will also be staying in contact with you through out each month to see how you are doing and to see if you need any help with anything. Every Personal Support Guide is expected to keep a file on each assigned Associate as well as keep track of all communication and communication efforts. CBA has created a personalized support system to make sure every new Associate is receiving all the support they request and all the support they desire.

Please Note: Some of our Personal Support Guides have two roles within the company. Some of the Personal Support Guides also work a job in another position within the company, however, that will not affect the availability and communication between you and your Personal Success Guide.

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