Custom Sports Beverage

Custom Sports Beverage

Imagine having your own customized energy drink! You have the option of choosing a regular or sugar-free. The energy drinks come in on size, 8.4 oz. One can is packed with B vitamins and 80 mg of caffeine to give you a nice energy boost.

Warning: We strongly recommend that children, pregnant women, people sensitive to caffeine or any person with heart condition not drink any energy drink without first consulting a physician.

Our drinks are custom made high-gloss, full-color shrink sleeve that will make your product stand out. The retail cost to create a custom energy beverage for you is only $1,750.00 plus $150.00 for shipping and handling.

Price includes:
1. A custom created energy drink: Choose the colors and the name for your custom drink and we will design a customized and professional image.
2. You receive 4 cases. 24 cans per  case. 8.4 oz each
3. Full color shrink sleeve. Not a sticker or cheap label.
4. After initial product order, CBA will give you a special reorder cost on future product purchases.
5. Custom marketing plan for your product.
6. Special Incentive Offer – Included in purchase price!

Please Note:There is absolutely no exchange and no refunds on custom ordered products.


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