Custom Water Beverage

Custom Product Order #4:

Custom Water Beverages

Imagine having your own custom bottled water! Our custom water beverages come in one size, 16.9 oz. bottles. The water beverages are custom made with a two-color pressure sensitive label that will make your product stand out.

Price includes:
1. A custom created water beverage just for you: Choose the name for your custom drink and we will design an attractive and customized label.

2. You receive 30 cases. 24 plastic bottles per case. 16.9 oz each

3. Two color pressure sensitive label.

4. After your initial product order, CBA will give you a special reorder cost on future product purchases.

5. Custom marketing plan for your product.

Retail Cost: $1,950.00 plus $350.00 shipping and handling.

Please Note: There is absolutely no exchange and no refunds on custom ordered products.

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